Flexible, you think! No!  Ultra flexible!

The flexibility of an Web site developed with Joomla allows you to manage the content and images yourself or to delegate this task of updating to another person who does not need to have experience in Web programming. The management content system allows authorized persons to make modifications to your Web site as easily as typing a text or inserting images.

Control your Internet site

Web sites developed with Joomla are interactive and dynamic for Web site administrators. Thanks to Joomla's content management system, you have total control for updating your site.

Evolving and flexible site

Joomla assures a long life to your Web site since Joomla allows you to have your Web site evolve along with your business. To the degree that the needs of the organization increase it is possible to integrate new functions and applications (extensions) to your Joomla site such as directories, e-commerce, image galleries etc...

Simple management for complex sites

Joomla allows the integration of new extensions such as components, modules, plugins, functions, and tools without the need to the redo your site. With Joomla your site is in constant evolution. It becomes easy to add extensions of Joomla such as an image gallery or a data base without making the updating operations harder. Your site becomes more complex but the management stays simple.

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